To improve the quality of life for individuals with limitations of mobility

our commitment

The gift of mobility should never be taken for granted.

It’s always overlooked until it becomes impaired or lost.  Advancements in science to regain one’s independence has never been greater as it is today. Yet, there is more to be done.  Help improve the lives of those who have limited independent functioned for tasks we take for granted each day.  The Gift of Gait Foundation was established to facilitate solutions to give freedom and quality of life to those who have lost it or never had it.  To learn more about the impact this foundation has made upon those who it has served, go to  Donate now. 

The Gift of Gait Foundation is 501c3 not for profit organization.

The Gift of Gait Foundation

Why the organization exists

To be a beacon to individuals who have lost mobility, regardless of reason, and educate them of the most cutting-edge techniques and therapeutic approaches available to improve their quality of life.

What the overall goal is

To provide consistent, in-depth research and scientific studies to rehabilitation professionals so as to enable them to apply the latest approaches and techniques to improving an individual's mobility which has otherwise been lost.

Identifying the goal of its operations

Developing cutting-edge approaches to gait rehabilitation through the application of scientific research to restore individuals’ mobility and improve their quality of life.

What kind of product or service it provides

Scientific research and case studies that focus upon re-establishing gait patterns and improving quality of life to those who have suffered impairment of general locomotion.

Its primary customers or market

Institutions, rehabilitation professionals, and individuals interested in learning more about the research generated by the organization.

Geographical region of operation

Headquartered in Florida, USA, the foundation will operate on a global level as needed to collaborate with other individuals and achieve the organization’s objectives.